How to Make Your Graphic Design Go Viral

How to Make Your Graphic Design Go Viral

Marketing and advertising agencies are looking for social media savvy designers who can create visual messages specially made for social media platforms. While that’s great for aspiring graphic designers to hear, designing for the social media audience comes with unique challenges and opportunities as well.

“Consumption of visual material happens in less than 2 seconds,” says Sarah Moore, director of marketing and brand at Productive Outcomes. “Your design must connect on an emotional level using mostly imagery to tell the story of the brands you are working for and also connect with their customer base on an emotional level.”

Make it shareable

The key is making something that’s really, really sharable, because that’s what the internet does — it shares stuff. You want to make something that hundreds of thousands of people want to show their friends, or share to make a boring day at the office more interesting.

Use sleek visuals to increase audience engagement

It generally takes only about a few seconds for someone to judge whether they want to continue browsing your site or go somewhere else. The first impression is what counts and this is largely determined by the visual elements you use, as noted by the online marketing guru Derek Halpern.

Produce well-researched long form content

Although it may seem counter intuitive in a fast-paced digital age, longer content actually gets more shares than shorter pieces. According to Buzzsumo, 3,000 to 10,000 word pieces are shared the most, while content shorter than 1,000 words is shared the least.

Positive message

While great content may be shared for many reasons, the pieces of content that stimulate positive feelings tend to perform better than those that stimulate negative feelings, boasting a higher click to tweet rate.

Share Your Content With Powerful Influencers

Getting influencers to share your content can give you just the boost you need to go viral. The hard part is getting on their radar. There are two ways to get influencers to take notice of your content: Hope that they stumble upon it on their own; tell them about it

Be aware of your platform

The term “social media marketing” describes working with a number of very specific platforms. “As a graphic designer you should know the aspect ratio for all platforms and customize for each,” says Sarah Moore. “Not treating each platform as its own design is lazy design. It is not a one size fits all solution because people look to each platform differently.”

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