5 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2021

Why do trends change? Because sooner or later all companies keep up with them. Consequently, “trend” becomes oversaturated and loses its effectiveness. This tendency is appearing everywhere – starting from color and font and ending with geometry. The trends similarly change in all spheres.

This article discusses some of the premium logos that would most likely make an appearance in 2021. Most of them are prevalent during recent years and some are making a comeback.

1. Minimalist Logo

“Less is more” is an adage perfect for logo design philosophy as well. Since the early minimalist movement began about 50 years ago, this trend has never faded. Some contemporary brands, such as the ones in fashion and tech industries, prefer clutter-free design.

5 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2021
This sweeping white space and the logo at the center characterizes minimalist logo design.

2. Perspective drawing

As iconic logo designer Lindon Leader once put it, great design is born from simplicity and clarity. These two virtues are what allow logo designs to effectively communicate the complex identity of a brand to a viewer. 

5 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2021
By Kinetec

3.Retro style

Retro design is gradually making a comeback. It’s essential to note that it’s coming back to all spheres of life. Probably the only thing, which is less susceptible to the retro effect, is automobile design (although even here there are more and more exceptions).

Retro logos will capture more attention due to exquisite style with the use of random art strokes. In addition, a call to action of similar logos is very effective for big spheres of business. Modern retro art is a combination of old heritage with innovative approaches. This “hybridity” is an opportunity to take the consumer back to the old days. Besides, it demonstrates the evolution of several techniques of logo creation.

4. Highly-detailed Logo

A logo is akin to a painting on a canvas whose main purpose is to represent a brand. The main difference is that logos are usually created for a very small canvas. It should also be able to fit across different platforms or objects like websites, mobile apps, t-shirts, paper, etc. With this in mind, the odds of creating a good, highly-detailed logo is pretty low.

However, logo designers whose motto is ”More is more” are going against those odds. This might be especially true in businesses belonging to the food and beverage industry. It will usually consist of hand-drawn images and texts that welcome details instead of taking them away.

5 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2021
The logo is full of small details like paper tears, shadows and the smoke from the drink.

5. Geometric Shape Logo

Geometric shapes are mainly associated with math; a cold, logic and number-based field. However, designers are giving them a warmer, more vibrant look to invoke the feeling of relaxation and happiness. Thanks to this and other reasons, the trend of them being used in logo design continues. Some 3d mockups are also available

While the review of famous company logos shows that color is used to invoke emotions, so do shapes. In fact, shapes have lots of use cases in graphic design and conveying meaning is just one of them. This is perfect for logos which are meant to be symbolic. Curvy edges express ease, square gives the feeling of strength, triangle means stability, and so on. These are positive attributes that businesses would want their brand to be associated with.

5 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2021
Three identical geometric shapes form the Mitsubishi’s logo.

2021 will be an exciting year for logo trends!

The 2021 logo design trends are an opportunity to rebrand this young decade. And with trends that focus on revitalizing minimalism and classical compositions, from perspective techniques to simple shapes to symmetry, the logos of our future seem to be striving for a kind of purity. Whether or not this enthusiasm holds strong may depend on the rest of the world as much as it does these logo designers.

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